Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes

Written by: Phoebe Robinson


In her highly anticipated new book, New York Times bestselling author, comedian, actress, and producer Phoebe Robinson delivers a sharp, witty, and deeply insightful collection of essays that tackle a wide range of subjects, from the personal to the political. With her signature humor and unforgettable voice, Robinson explores the complexities of navigating life as a Black woman in today’s society.

Throughout the book, Robinson fearlessly addresses topics such as performative allyship, white guilt, and the appropriation of cultural movements by white people. She also delves into the pressures placed on women to embrace motherhood as the ultimate achievement, and the challenges of prioritizing mental health in a country where “self-care” is often a luxury reserved for those with disposable income.

Robinson’s essays are not only laugh-out-loud funny but also filled with poignant reflections on her own experiences. She shares stories about her mother’s slow-poking before a visit with Mrs. Obama, the absurdity of zip-line attendants’ fake reassurances, and the joys and challenges of dating someone from a different cultural background. Robinson also discusses how the lack of Black women in leadership positions motivated her to become the Black lady boss of her dreams.

“Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes” is a brilliant and timely look at our current cultural moment, offering a fresh perspective on race, gender, mental health, and the importance of authentic self-expression. Robinson’s perceptive and heartfelt writing will inspire readers to laugh, reflect, and perhaps even take action.

This collection is not only a must-read for fans of Robinson’s previous work but also for anyone seeking a thought-provoking and entertaining exploration of the issues that shape our lives. With its mix of humor, insight, and candor, “Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes” is a book that will stay with readers long after they’ve turned the final page.


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