The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!)

Written by: Anna Pulley

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Curious about what really goes down when girl meets girl? The Lesbian Sex Haiku Book (with Cats!) is here to clue you in, one cheeky haiku at a time. This giggle-inducing illustrated guide demystifies the ins and outs of lesbian sex, dating, and relationships with wit, wisdom, and watercolor cats in various states of sexual awkwardness.

From cracking the code of lesbian pick-up lines (“Pronounce Annie Proulx’s name correctly—watch lady’s cargo pants fall off”) to first date icebreakers (“It has been MANY years, but I’m not done griping about The L Word”) to the nitty gritty of girl-on-girl action (“It’s like straight sex but afterwards we ask ourselves, ‘We just had sex, right?'”), no sapphic stone is left unturned.

Packaged in a petite hardcover and featuring playful paintings of frisky felines, this unabashedly frank and funny collection makes a perfect gift for your LGBT friends, family, lovers, and cat-obsessed Tumblr followers. Good humor and good sex abound within! As one haiku sums it up: “Lesbian sex is like water polo—no one really knows the rules.” Finally, a hilarious how-to guide for the raging lesbian (or curious hetero) in all of us.


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