The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary by Robb Pearlman

Written by: Robb Pearlman

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Introducing the hilarious new children’s book based on the beloved TV show The Office – perfect for the next generation of Dunder Mifflin fans!

In this delightful story, Michael Scott takes on his biggest challenge yet as the newly appointed Line Leader at Dunder Mifflin Elementary School. Equipped with his “World’s Best Line Leader” water bottle, Michael is determined to excel in his important new role. There’s just one problem – he has no idea how to actually lead the line!

Chaos and hilarity ensue as Michael enlists his quirky classmates like Dwight, Pam, Jim and Angela to help him figure it out. Filled with colorful illustrations and fun references to iconic moments from the show, this book captures all the humor and heart of The Office while teaching kids a valuable lesson – that it’s okay to ask for help sometimes, even if you’re the Line Leader.

A must-have for fans of The Office, this clever and endearing adaptation reimagines your favorite Dunder Mifflin characters as elementary school kids, providing the perfect way to share the show’s goofy charm with the whole family. Join Michael and the gang for an unforgettable day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary!


This would make a great gift for fans of The Office, especially those with young children.


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