Dancing with Cats

Written by: Burton Silver

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Get ready to tango with your tabby and foxtrot with your feline in the delightfully quirky “Dancing with Cats”! This cult classic, now reissued as a petite 15th anniversary hardcover, invites you to embrace a whole new level of bonding with your beloved cat through the art of dance.

Filled with enchanting photographs of people and their cats gracefully gliding, twirling, and leaping together, this book celebrates the unique and joyful connection that can be forged when you and your cat become dance partners. From elegant ballroom routines to playful contemporary numbers, “Dancing with Cats” proves that the language of dance knows no species boundaries.

But this book is more than just a collection of charming images; it also features heartwarming testimonies from cat owners who have experienced profound personal transformations through the power of dancing with their feline companions. Whether you’re a seasoned cat lover or a newcomer to the world of whiskers and paws, “Dancing with Cats” will inspire you to nurture a deeper, more meaningful relationship with your cat—one step at a time.

So, put on your dancing shoes, cue up some music, and get ready to cut a rug with your furry friend. With “Dancing with Cats” as your guide, you and your cat will be the talk of the town, the life of the party, and the purr-fect partners in no time!


This is a perfect gift for a cat lover, perhaps someone who treats their feline friend a little too like a human. Due to its weirdness, it would also make a fun white elephant gift.


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