What Would Satan Do?

Written by: Anthony Miller

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In “What Would Satan Do?”, author Anthony McGowan offers a darkly comedic and irreverent take on the end times. The novel follows Satan, who, fed up with God’s plans for Judgment Day, has retired from his post in Hell and settled into a seemingly quiet life in Washington, D.C. However, the ex-angel’s short temper and lack of self-control quickly lead to chaos, attracting the attention of the FBI when a parking attendant spontaneously combusts and a woman finds herself launched into low-Earth orbit.

As if that weren’t enough, Satan discovers that the governor of Texas has somehow jumpstarted the apocalypse without him. Determined to put a stop to Judgment Day, the Prince of Darkness heads to the Lone Star State, where he confronts a power-hungry televangelist, joins forces with the Militant Arm of the American Geriatrics Association, and wields the Flaming Stick of Divine Justice against a Jesus impersonator named Festus.

In this outrageous and satirical tale, McGowan explores the absurdities of religion, politics, and the human condition. With biting wit and a cast of eccentric characters, “What Would Satan Do?” is a wild ride through the apocalypse, where the fate of the world rests in the hands of the one being who has spent an eternity trying to destroy it.


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