Death and Croissants

Written by: Ian Moore

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In the charming fictional town of Val de Follet in the Loire Valley, Richard, a middle-aged Englishman, runs a peaceful B&B where life is predictable and uneventful, just the way he prefers it. However, Richard’s tranquil existence is shattered when one of his elderly guests vanishes, leaving behind a sinister bloody handprint on the wallpaper.

Reluctantly, Richard is persuaded by another guest, the mysterious Valérie, to investigate the disappearance. As they delve deeper into the mystery, things take a dark turn when someone murders Ava Gardner, one of Richard’s beloved hens. While a missing guest is concerning, messing with a man’s hens is a step too far!

Written by Ian Moore, a stand-up comedian who regularly performs at London’s world-famous Comedy Store, Death and Croissants is a humorous cozy mystery that will keep readers guessing until the very end. With a quirky cast of characters and a picturesque French setting, this novel is perfect for fans of lighthearted whodunits.

Ian Moore draws from his own experiences living in rural France and commuting back to the UK every week to create a witty and engaging story that will leave readers both chuckling and eager to solve the mystery alongside the unlikely duo of Richard and Valérie.


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