Dial M For Merde

Written by: Stephen Clarke

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Join bumbling Brit Paul West on a hilarious romp through the south of France in Dial M for Merde, a comic caper that will leave you in stitches.

When the stunning oceanographer Gloria Monday lures Paul to the swanky beaches of the French Riviera with an all-expenses-paid trip, he thinks he’s about to have the vacation of a lifetime. But faster than you can say “sacre bleu”, Paul gets roped into Gloria’s covert investigation of caviar-smuggling cartels – and that’s just the beginning of his Gallic misadventures.

As Paul stumbles his way from one ridiculous situation to the next, he feels less like James Bond and more like Inspector Clouseau. To top it off, he foolishly agrees to cater his best friend’s wedding back in Paris, where the French president himself is set to attend. Will Paul unmask the caviar criminals in time to pull off the wedding? Or will his madcap mishaps bring new meaning to the term “French toast”?

Bestselling author Stephen Clarke pokes mischievous fun at French society at every level, from pompous politicians to surly waitstaff. C’est hilarant! Dial M for Merde is comic gold that you won’t be able to put down. Vive la France!


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