The Last Girlfriend on Earth

Written by: Simon Rich

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A book of short stories that focuses on the theme of love and relationships. This book was the basis of the TV show with the same name.

“The Last Girlfriend on Earth” is a collection of stories released in 2013. The book was met with favorable reviews, with The Washington Post lauding it as “hilarious” and suggesting that “it just might be the best one-night stand you’ll ever have.” The stories from this collection were so captivating that they inspired a television comedy series titled “Man Seeking Woman,” which premiered on FXX. Rich’s creativity didn’t stop there; he continued to produce more collections, with his subsequent works like “Spoiled Brats” and “Hits and Misses” also receiving acclaim.

Now, let’s delve deeper into “The Last Girlfriend on Earth.” This collection is a delightful blend of humor, wit, and insight into the complexities of relationships in the modern world. Each story offers a unique perspective on love, from the whimsical to the absurd, making readers both laugh and ponder the intricacies of human connections.

Would this make a good gift? Absolutely! “The Last Girlfriend on Earth” is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good laugh, especially those who appreciate clever and witty takes on everyday situations. The stories are relatable, making it a great conversation starter. Whether it’s for a friend who’s been through the ups and downs of dating or a family member who loves a good chuckle, this book is sure to be a hit.

Who might you gift it to? Considering its themes, it would be an excellent gift for young adults navigating the world of relationships, or even for couples who can share a laugh over the humorous portrayal of love and dating. It’s also a great choice for fans of comedy, satire, or anyone who appreciates a fresh and funny perspective on life.

In conclusion, Simon Rich’s “The Last Girlfriend on Earth” is more than just a collection of humorous stories. It’s a reflection of the modern dating scene, filled with wit, charm, and a lot of heart. Rich’s unique voice and storytelling prowess make this book a standout in the world of comedic literature. Whether you’re gifting it or picking it up for yourself, it promises a rollercoaster of emotions, predominantly laughter, and a deep appreciation for the quirks of human relationships.

About Simon Rich

Simon Rich, born on June 5, 1984, in New York City, is an American humorist, novelist, and screenwriter. He has an impressive portfolio, having published two novels and six collections of humor pieces, many of which have graced the pages of The New Yorker. His talent was recognized early on when he became one of the youngest writers ever hired on Saturday Night Live. He also served as a staff writer for the renowned animation studio, Pixar.

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