New Teeth

Written by: Simon Rich

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In the vast landscape of comedic literature, Simon Rich’s “New Teeth” emerges as a beacon of hilarity, wit, and sheer imaginative prowess. Released in July 2021, this collection of short stories is a testament to Rich’s unparalleled ability to find humor in the most unexpected places and situations.

Simon Rich, previously known for works like “The Last Girlfriend on Earth” and his contributions to “Saturday Night Live,” once again showcases his knack for turning ordinary scenarios into extraordinary tales of humor in “New Teeth.” Each story is a delightful dive into a world where the mundane meets the absurd, and the results are always laugh-out-loud funny.

One of the standout features of “New Teeth” is Rich’s ability to craft characters that are both relatable and hilariously exaggerated. Whether it’s a toddler with the demeanor of a hardened mob boss or a theme park employee who takes his role as a ‘time traveler’ a tad too seriously, Rich’s characters are always at the center of some comedic whirlwind. His stories often start with a simple, relatable premise, but they quickly spiral into realms of absurdity, making the reader wonder how he manages to dream up such scenarios.

The beauty of “New Teeth” lies in its unpredictability. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on where a story is headed, Rich throws in a twist that leaves you both surprised and in stitches. His humor is sharp, often bordering on the surreal, but it’s always grounded in a keen observation of human nature and the quirks that make us all uniquely funny.

As a gift, “New Teeth” is a surefire hit for anyone with a sense of humor. It’s the kind of book that can be picked up and put down at leisure, with each story offering a quick escape into a world of comedy. Perfect for those moments when you need a pick-me-up or a break from the daily grind. Whether you’re gifting it to a seasoned reader of comedy or introducing someone to Simon Rich’s work for the first time, “New Teeth” promises a rollercoaster of laughs.


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