Fart Dictionary

Written by: Scott A. Sorensen

Get ready to break wind and bust a gut laughing with The Fart Dictionary, a stinky silly illustrated collection of flatulent definitions that boldly goes where no book has gone before! From the “apple fart” that keeps the doctor away to the “boomerang fart” that comes back to haunt you, this cheeky compendium spans a range of gaseous topics including politics, poetry, pop culture, literature, sports, and more.

Featuring over 100 original fart definitions paired with whimsical artwork, The Fart Dictionary offers a smart-alecky spin on the everyday phenomena we all know (and smell) so well. Whether you’re a fart connoisseur or just appreciate an occasional ripping pun, this little hardcover is sure to crack you up as you learn the true meaning behind the “Jedi fart,” “Shakespeare fart,” “rainbow fart” and scores of other hilarious, heinous air biscuits.

Perfect as a gag gift, white elephant present, or simply an educational tool for the intestinally challenged, The Fart Dictionary proves that a fart by any other name would smell as sweet (or sour). So go ahead, let one rip, and learn the official lingo for every toot, fluff, poof and SBD. Just be sure to break wind responsibly!


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