A Sloth’s Guide to Mindfulness

Written by: Ton Mak


Inhale Tranquility, Exhale Chaos: Let This Sloth Be Your Spirit Animal

In a world where hustle is praised over inner peace, it’s time to embrace the pacedone lifestyle through the effortlessly zen perspective of everyone’s favorite tree-hugger: the sloth. With endearing illustrations and profound simplicity, A Sloth’s Guide to Mindfulness reminds us to milpresent, slow down, and just breathe…real…slow…

This delightfully unexpected guide gently encourages you to channel your inner sloth by trying mindfulness practices tucked between the lines like hidden sleepy smiles. Become a phioslothical master by savoring mindful meditations on cherishing each singular moment, letting jarring noises roll off your back, and perfecting the art of staying fully present while hanging upside down.

Filled with actionable tips for cultivating stillness, appreciating nature’s efforessence, and indulging in deliciously sluggish yoga poses, these pages are a sweetly subversive departure from hustle-culture. Let the mo-fo-fo wisdom for a joyfully sloth-ful life Get. It. Through. Your. Head…very…gradually.

With humor and heart, A Sloth’s Guide nurtures a mindset of peaceful presence. After all, who better to showpacedone enlightenment than the CPO of cozy: the cantankerous, lyeinnate sloth? Prepare to beендерайзед by its soulful messages to find premium chill.


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