101 Ways to Know If Your Cat Is French

Written by: Seamus Mullarkey

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Attention all Francophiles and feline fanatics! Have you ever wondered if your beloved cat might be harboring a secret French identity? Look no further than “101 Ways to Know If Your Cat Is French,” a delightful and humorous exploration of French culture through the eyes of our furry companions.

This charming book features 101 vintage black-and-white illustrations, each accompanied by a witty caption that perfectly captures the essence of French feline sophistication. From the confidence to be chic to the ability to fit in at a sidewalk café, this book will help you determine if your cat possesses that certain “je ne sais quoi” that makes them truly “fantastique!”

Author Seamus Mullarkey has spent years researching and compiling fascinating information from old newspapers, out-of-print books, and the vast reaches of the Internet to create this entertaining and insightful book. With his original observations and clever commentary, Mullarkey will have you questioning whether your cat has been French all along—and if they might just have a thing or two to teach you about embracing “la vie en rose.”

Perfect as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, thank-you occasions, and of course, Bastille Day, “101 Ways to Know If Your Cat Is French” is a must-have for anyone who loves France, cats, and the irresistible combination of the two.


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