Yoga While You Wait

Written by: Judith Stoletzky


Are you tired of wasting precious time waiting in traffic, on hold, or for a perpetually late friend? Fear not! “Yoga While You Wait” is here to transform those frustrating moments into opportunities for mindfulness, strength, and flexibility.

In this delightfully unconventional guide, yoga instructor Judith Stoletzky pairs helpful tips and humorous advice with precise instructions for over 30 yoga poses that can be practiced anywhere, anytime. From ardha chandrasana at the traffic lights to simhasana in a traffic jam, you’ll learn how to turn everyday situations into impromptu yoga sessions.

Forget about needing a fancy studio, expensive yoga pants, or even a mat. All you need is a dash of creativity and a willingness to embrace life’s little delays. As you progress through the poses, you’ll not only develop an amazing attitude but also build strength, poise, and flexibility—both inside and out.

Complemented by Markus Abele’s stunning photography, “Yoga While You Wait” offers the perfect pose for every pointless pause, catering to all levels of experience and flexibility. Who knows? You might even start looking forward to those moments of waiting!

Get ready to transform your mindless waiting into mindful moments with “Yoga While You Wait”—the ultimate guide to finding zen in the chaos of everyday life.


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