Me Talk Pretty One Day

Written by: David Sedaris

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“Me Talk Pretty One Day” is a humorous collection of essays by renowned American author David Sedaris, published in 2000. The book is divided into two distinct sections, each focusing on different periods of Sedaris’s life.

The first part of the book delves into Sedaris’s experiences prior to his relocation to Normandy, France. These essays offer a glimpse into his childhood in suburban Raleigh, North Carolina, his time working various odd jobs in New York City, and an amusing account of a visit from a childhood friend and her unsophisticated girlfriend.

The second section, titled “Deux,” chronicles Sedaris’s move to Normandy with his partner Hugh. This part of the book derives much of its humor from Sedaris’s attempts to navigate life in France without speaking the language fluently and his comical struggles to learn French. Several of the essays featured in the book were previously performed by Sedaris on the Public Radio International program, “This American Life.”


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