My Therapist Says


“My Therapist Says: A Hilarious Guide to Navigating Life’s Daily Struggles” is a witty and relatable book from the creators of the popular Instagram account @MyTherapistSays. This guide offers a humorous take on the anxiety-filled challenges we face in our everyday lives.

Packed with the beloved memes that MTS is known for, along with useful checklists, thought-provoking prompts, and questions from readers, this book is the perfect companion for anyone striving to achieve their goals, even if the path is filled with missteps and detours.

Have you ever pursued something, failed, and then questioned your own sanity? Well, that’s how this masterpiece came to be. Consider this book your personal guide, like the Buddhist Tripitaka, but with a touch of humor and a dash of my therapist’s wisdom (though she might deny it).

From dealing with ghosting and awkward work functions to moving on from past relationships, this book covers a wide range of topics, offering advice on social etiquette and the occasional necessary delusion.

So, grab a pen, some tissues, a glass of wine, and your best friend, because things are about to get real. Remember to be yourself, be kind, and all that good stuff, unless you’re a Susan*. In that case, try to be anyone else. (My therapist hates that I wrote that.)

*Susan: (noun and verb) An unpleasant, annoying, and delusional person who is disliked by everyone but remains oblivious despite numerous hints. If you’re rolling your eyes at this, you might be a Susan. Uses: Susaning, Susanism.


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