Is Your Cat a Psychopath?: A Personality Quiz Book to Find Out If Your Cat Is Pussolini or Mother Purresa

Written by: Stephen Wildish

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This is a fun gift for a cat owner – perhaps someone you know or someone you get in the next secret santa. If you’re a cat owner yourself, this is bound to make you laugh (and question your cat’s mental health).


Are you ready to uncover the secrets of your feline companion’s innermost thoughts? “The Cat Purrsonality Test: Discover Your Feline’s True Nature” is here to help you determine whether your cat is a benevolent ruler like Mother Purresa or a mischievous dictator like Pussolini.

Cats have been revered throughout history, from ancient Egypt where they were worshipped as gods to the modern-day internet, where they reign supreme as the most beloved animal. But have you ever wondered about the true nature of these smug little creatures that we so willingly welcome into our homes?

With this humorous and insightful book, you can finally find out if your cat is a star in the making, like the glamorous Dolly Purrton, or a devious mastermind, like the infamous Hannibal Lickter. Through a series of 16 quirky personality profiles, you’ll discover your cat’s unique traits, quirks, and hidden agendas.

But “The Cat Purrsonality Test” isn’t just about uncovering your cat’s true colors; it’s also a guide to living in harmony with your feline friend, no matter their purrsonality type. With tips and tricks tailored to each profile, you’ll learn how to create a home environment that caters to your cat’s needs and desires, whether they dream of world peace or world domination.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what’s really going on behind those mysterious, captivating eyes, “The Cat Purrsonality Test” is the book for you. Get ready to discover the hilarious and sometimes unsettling truth about your furry housemate, and embark on a journey of understanding and appreciation for the complex creatures that cats truly are.


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