High Praise: 5 Funny Books for Stoners

You could probably list your favorite stoner movies, like Pineapple Express or Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, but what about stoner books? Surprisingly, the market for stoner books seems even smaller. And funny stoner books? Well, they’re practically non-existent.

Don’t worry, though: we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. So, whether you’re a seasoned stoner or simply someone who appreciates a good laugh, we’ve curated a list of the funniest books that make have some connection to weed.

“The Portable Door” by Tom Holt

For fans of fantastical humor, “The Portable Door” delivers an entertaining blend of office politics and magic. The story follows Paul Carpenter, a recent university graduate who stumbles into a job at J.W. Wells & Co., a peculiar and often hilarious firm that specializes in “portable door” technology. With witty banter, quirky characters, and absurd situations, Tom Holt weaves a comedic tale that will keep stoners laughing and engrossed.

“The Dude and the Zen Master” by Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman

Based on conversations between actor Jeff Bridges and Zen master Bernie Glassman, this book offers an insightful and humorous exploration of life, spirituality, and the philosophy of “The Dude” from the film “The Big Lebowski.” Filled with amusing anecdotes, Zen teachings, and reflections on the meaning of existence, this book will entertain stoners seeking a blend of wisdom and laughter.

Stoner Coffee Table Book by Steve Mockus

The “Stoner Coffee Table Book” by Steve Mockus is a visual trip designed to captivate and entertain, especially when in a heightened state of mind. This book is a collection of immersive, trippy, and mind-bending images that are perfect for deep contemplation or casual perusal. Steve Mockus, an author and editor based in San Francisco, has curated a selection of pictures that range from the meditative to the outright hilarious, ensuring that there’s something to tickle the fancy of anyone who flips through its pages.

The book is not just a random assortment of images; it’s a carefully crafted journey through the whimsical and the weird. It’s an ideal conversation starter, with each page presenting a new visual world of wonder. Whether it’s a floating cat head or an oddly-shaped tortilla chip, the book invites readers to ponder and appreciate the beauty in the bizarre.

The Big Lebowski screenplay by Joel and Ethan Coen

“The Big Lebowski” screenplay, written by Joel and Ethan Coen, is a comedic masterpiece that has achieved cult status among stoners and comedy enthusiasts alike. The film follows the laid-back and perpetually stoned “Dude” Lebowski as he becomes embroiled in a case of mistaken identity, leading to a series of absurd and hilarious events. The screenplay is a rollercoaster ride of witty dialogue, offbeat characters, and surreal situations, all intertwined with the Dude’s passion for bowling and his love for a good joint. With its memorable one-liners, memorable characters like Walter Sobchak and Jesus Quintana, and a plot that never takes itself too seriously, “The Big Lebowski” screenplay is a must-read for stoners seeking a dose of laughter and a celebration of their beloved pastime.

“Budding Prospects” by T.C. Boyle

“Budding Prospects” by T.C. Boyle is a hilarious and unconventional novel that takes readers on a wild journey into the world of marijuana cultivation. The story follows three friends—Felix, Phil, and Gesh—who decide to embark on a risky venture: growing cannabis in the remote wilderness of Northern California. As they navigate the challenges of cultivating a potent strain while dealing with the quirks of their fellow growers, the trio finds themselves in a series of uproarious situations. T.C. Boyle’s sharp wit and keen eye for character dynamics make “Budding Prospects” a laugh-out-loud read, filled with humorous mishaps, unexpected twists, and an affectionate portrayal of the stoner culture. This novel is a perfect choice for stoners who enjoy a blend of comedy, adventure, and a peek into the world of cannabis cultivation.

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