20 Funny Books About Parenting: Because Sometimes You’ve Got to Laugh to Keep from Crying

Ah, parenting – that rollercoaster ride of joy, challenges, sleepless nights, and unforgettable moments. But amidst the diaper changes, toddler tantrums, and teen dramas, there’s a secret weapon that every parent should have in their arsenal: a sense of humor. Enter the realm of funny books about parenting, where real-life parental conundrums meet side-splitting comedy. These books are not just guides; they’re lifelines for those moments when all you can do is laugh (or cry).

Whether you’re searching for the perfect baby shower gift, a Christmas present for that frazzled new mom or dad, or perhaps a treat for yourself (because let’s face it, every parent deserves a little self-gifting now and then), these books are the answer. They offer a comedic take on the trials and tribulations of raising tiny humans, reminding parents that they’re not alone in the chaos. So, buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of parenting – with a hearty laugh along the way!

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Horizontal Parenting: How to Entertain Your Kid While Lying Down

For those days when exhaustion hits but your little one is still bouncing off the walls, “Horizontal Parenting” is your savior. This witty guide offers a plethora of activities and games that can be done while you’re sprawled out on the couch or bed. It’s a testament to the fact that parenting doesn’t always require standing up, and sometimes the best moments come when you’re lying down.

Babies Don’t Make Small Talk (So Why Should I?): The Introvert’s Guide to Surviving Parenthood

This book is a breath of fresh air for introverted parents navigating the world of playdates, parent-teacher meetings, and endless baby chatter. It offers humorous insights and practical advice on balancing the need for personal space with the demands of parenthood. A reminder that it’s okay to seek solitude and that babies, thankfully, are not big on small talk.

The Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Little Princess: How to Raise a Girl Who’s Authentic, Joyful, and Fearless–Even If She Refuses to Wear Anything But a Pink Tutu

Navigating the world of tiaras and tutus while instilling feminist values can be a challenge. This book offers a humorous yet insightful look into raising empowered girls, even if they’re obsessed with all things pink. It’s a celebration of individuality and girl power, tutu and all.

Go the Fk to Sleep

A cult favorite among parents, this book captures the sheer desperation of trying to get a restless child to sleep. Written in the style of a children’s book but with the raw honesty that every sleep-deprived parent will recognize, it’s a hilarious and relatable nighttime read (for adults only!).

There Are Moms Way Worse Than You: Irrefutable Proof That You Are Indeed a Fantastic Parent

For those days when parenting feels like an uphill battle, this book offers a comedic reassurance. Filled with humorous anecdotes and tales of parenting mishaps, it’s a reminder that no one’s perfect, and you’re doing a lot better than you think.

If You Give a Mommy a Glass of Wine

A playful nod to the classic children’s series, this book delves into the world of motherhood and the much-needed relaxation that comes with a glass of wine. It’s a humorous exploration of the challenges and joys of parenting, with a cheeky adult twist.

Toddlers Are Aholes: It’s Not Your Fault

This candid book offers a no-holds-barred look into the world of toddlerhood. With its blend of humor and real-life anecdotes, it’s a reassurance to parents everywhere that the toddler phase is challenging for everyone and that the tantrums and tears are not a reflection of their parenting skills.

K is for Knifeball: An Alphabet of Terrible Advice

A parody of traditional alphabet books, this guide offers the worst (and funniest) advice for each letter of the alphabet. It’s a hilarious read for parents who need a break from the usual bedtime stories and a reminder to take parenting advice with a grain of salt.

Everyone’s Sleepy but the Baby

A tale as old as time, this book captures the irony of a household desperate for sleep while the baby is wide awake and ready to party. With its humorous illustrations and relatable narrative, it’s a bedtime story for parents who’ve been there and done that.

Experimenting with Babies: 50 Amazing Science Projects You Can Perform on Your Kid

Blending humor with genuine scientific curiosity, this book offers a range of experiments that parents can safely conduct on their babies. From understanding reflexes to exploring sensory perceptions, it’s a fun and educational guide for curious parents and their budding scientists.

“Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us” by Laurie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Ybarbo, and Mary Ann Zoellner

This brutally honest guide dives into the messier side of motherhood, offering solace to moms who sometimes feel they’re not measuring up. With its blend of humor and real-life anecdotes, it’s a reminder that perfection in parenting is overrated, and it’s okay to have a laugh at the chaos.

“Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures” by Amber Dusick

Amber Dusick’s hilarious illustrations capture the everyday challenges and absurdities of raising kids. From diaper disasters to bedtime battles, her drawings offer a comical and relatable glimpse into the world of parenting, reminding readers that they’re not alone in the madness.

“Safe Baby Handling Tips” by David Sopp and Kelly Sopp

This tongue-in-cheek guide offers hilariously bad advice on how to care for a baby, accompanied by laugh-out-loud illustrations. It’s a playful take on the dos and don’ts of baby care, perfect for new parents with a sense of humor.

“The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance” by Louis Borgenicht M.D. and Joe Borgenicht

Presented in the style of a product manual, this book offers a humorous take on the challenges of the first year of parenting. From “installing” sleep routines to “programming” feeding schedules, it’s a witty guide for the technically inclined parent.

“How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill” by Knock Knock

This satirical guide offers the worst possible parenting advice, making it a hilarious read for parents who need a break from the pressure of perfection. It’s a reminder to take parenting advice with a grain of salt and to find humor in the journey.

“The Very Hungover Caterpillar: A Parody” by Emlyn Rees and Josie Lloyd

A playful nod to the beloved children’s classic, this book follows a caterpillar’s journey through a hangover. It’s a humorous read for parents who remember their pre-kid days and offers a chuckle at the challenges of adulting.

“Calm the F*ck Down: The Only Parenting Technique You’ll Ever Need” by David Vienna

This straightforward guide offers a simple piece of advice for frazzled parents: just calm down. With its blend of humor and practical tips, it’s a reminder that sometimes the best parenting technique is to take a deep breath and relax.

“Dads Are the Original Hipsters” by Brad Getty

This book celebrates dads and their unintentional trendsetting ways, from flannel shirts to craft beer. It’s a humorous tribute to fathers everywhere, reminding readers that dads were hip long before hipsters came onto the scene.

“The Big Book of Parenting Tweets: Featuring the Most Hilarious Parents on Twitter” by Kate Hall and Science of Parenthood

This collection of tweets from the funniest parents on Twitter offers bite-sized laughs and insights into the world of parenting. It’s a testament to the humor and camaraderie found in the parenting community online.

“Confessions of a Scary Mommy: An Honest and Irreverent Look at Motherhood – The Good, The Bad, and the Scary” by Jill Smokler

Jill Smokler’s candid confessions offer a raw and humorous look into the world of motherhood. From the joys to the challenges, her tales are a reminder that every mom has her moments, and it’s okay to laugh at the madness.

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