The Eh Team: 9 Funny Canadian Writers For Your Next Read

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Ah, Canada. Land of maple syrup, hockey, and… some of the funniest writers around! Yes, you heard it right. Canada has been exporting more than just delicious syrup and talented athletes; it’s also home to some of the most hilarious authors in the literary world.

So, buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a journey through the snowy landscape of Canadian humor.

Mordecai Richler

When talking about Canadian humor, it’s impossible not to start with Mordecai Richler. This Montreal native was a powerhouse of satire, and his sharp wit could cut through any topic like a hot knife through butter. Richler is best known for his novel “Barney’s Version,” a wildly entertaining tale that’s as much a comedy as it is a touching narrative about life’s complexities. But let’s not forget “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz,” where Richler’s talent for humor shines as he explores ambition and identity in post-war Montreal. Both novels are a testament to Richler’s unparalleled ability to blend humor with poignant storytelling.

Douglas Coupland

Next on our laugh-out-loud journey is Douglas Coupland, the man who coined the term “Generation X” and then proceeded to write a book with the same name that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the 90s. Coupland’s humor is often laced with observations on pop culture, technology, and the existential angst of modern life. In “JPod,” Coupland dives into the absurdities of the tech world, creating a microcosm of quirky characters that are both hilarious and heartbreakingly relatable. His ability to poke fun at the digital age while capturing the essence of human connection is what makes him a standout in Canadian literature.

Terry Fallis

If you’re in the mood for political satire mixed with slapstick humor, Terry Fallis is your guy. His debut novel, “The Best Laid Plans,” is a riotous journey into Canadian politics, filled with unexpected twists and a healthy dose of sarcasm. Fallis has a knack for creating lovable characters that find themselves in the most bizarre situations, all while offering sharp commentary on the political landscape. His storytelling is a reminder that politics and humor are not mutually exclusive but can actually make for an exhilarating combo.

Samantha Bee

From the world of television comedy to the bookshelves, Samantha Bee proves that her wit knows no bounds. Best known for her work on “The Daily Show” and her own “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” she brings her incisive humor to the literary world with “I Know I Am, But What Are You?” This collection of autobiographical essays is Bee at her best—unapologetically funny, insightful, and often touching. Her stories, ranging from her childhood in Toronto to her adventures in the world of comedy, are a delightful mix of humor and heart.

Stephen Leacock

No list of Canadian humorists would be complete without the godfather of Canadian comedy, Stephen Leacock. His timeless classic, “Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town,” is a series of short stories that satirize small-town life in early 20th-century Canada. Leacock’s gentle but incisive humor and his affection for his characters have made this book a beloved masterpiece. Reading Leacock is like taking a step back in time, with each page filled with chuckles and nods to the universal absurdity of the human condition.

Susan Juby

Ah, Susan Juby, a name synonymous with witty, heartwarming tales that resonate with both teens and adults. Her “Alice, I Think” series is a masterclass in crafting humor out of everyday awkwardness, making her one of Canada’s most beloved authors. Juby’s knack for creating relatable, quirky characters embroiled in hilariously bizarre situations is unmatched. Whether it’s navigating teenage life in a small town or the trials of a fashion school dropout, her stories are infused with a gentle, observational humor that’s both intelligent and immensely enjoyable. Susan Juby proves that humor can be insightful, endearing, and utterly captivating.

Will Ferguson

Will Ferguson will take you on a comedic journey through the great Canadian landscape, one laugh at a time. Known for his travel memoirs and novels, Ferguson has a unique ability to find humor in the most unexpected places. “Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw” is a delightful exploration of Canada’s quirks and eccentricities, while “Happiness™” skewers the self-help industry with biting satire. Ferguson’s writing is sharp, witty, and often laden with a dry humor that sneaks up on you. He’s the kind of writer who makes you laugh out loud in public places, leaving people to wonder what’s so funny.

Linwood Barclay

Linwood Barclay might be best known for his gripping thrillers, but don’t let that fool you—his roots are in humor writing. Before turning to the dark side, Barclay wrote a column for the Toronto Star, showcasing his comedic talents. His ability to inject humor into suspenseful narratives sets him apart, making his thrillers not only pulse-pounding but also surprisingly funny. Barclay’s knack for creating relatable characters caught in extraordinary circumstances, all the while maintaining a light-hearted tone, is truly remarkable. For a dose of laughter with your suspense, Linwood Barclay is your man.

Scaachi Koul

Scaachi Koul brings a fresh, bold voice to Canadian humor. Her collection of essays, “One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter,” tackles everything from cultural identity to the everyday absurdities of life with razor-sharp wit and deep insight. Koul’s writing is both hilariously relatable and profoundly personal, offering a window into the life of a woman straddling two cultures. Her fearless approach to storytelling, combined with her ability to find humor in the darkest of places, makes her work a must-read for anyone looking for a good laugh and a few moments of reflection. Koul reminds us that humor can be a powerful tool for navigating the complexities of modern life.

So, there you have it, a quick tour of Canada’s funniest writers. Each of these authors brings something unique to the table, from biting satire to heartwarming humor. Whether you’re looking for a gift or just need a good laugh, diving into the works of these Canadian humorists is sure to bring a smile to your face. Now, if only I could find my way back from this metaphorical snowy landscape of Canadian humor… Oh, look, a moose!

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