Hex Hall

Written by: Rachel Hawkins

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Meet Sophie Mercer, a teenage witch with a knack for attracting trouble. When a prom-night spell goes hilariously awry, Sophie finds herself banished to “Hex Hall,” a mysterious reform school for misbehaving magical beings.

From the moment she arrives, Sophie’s life becomes a whirlwind of comical chaos. Between navigating the social minefield of cliques and mean girls, dodging the advances of a charming warlock, and befriending a mischievous ghost and a sassy vampire roommate, Sophie barely has time to catch her breath!

But there’s more to Hex Hall than meets the eye. As Sophie uncovers a series of spine-chilling mysteries and faces an ancient secret society determined to destroy her kind, she must embrace her powers and her quirky band of supernatural friends to save the day.

With its perfect blend of humor, heart, and magic, “Hex Hall” is a delightful read that will leave you giggling, gasping, and rooting for the underdog. Get ready to fall under its spell and join Sophie on her hilarious journey of self-discovery and supernatural survival!


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