9 Funny Books About Dogs

dog and owner sitting on the couch, reading a book

Dogs are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and playfulness, making them a popular subject for books, especially when it comes to humorous stories. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out these top funny books about dogs, a mixture …

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8 Funny Books About Poop

person holding poop emoji in front of their face

Poop is one of those topics that often elicits giggles and jokes, especially when it comes to children’s books. However, there are also some adult-oriented books that explore the humorous side of this taboo subject. Here are the top funny …

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10 Funny Books About Mental Health

Psychiatrist holding a brain and a heart and pulling a silly face

Mental health can be a heavy topic, but sometimes laughter is the best medicine. These 10 books offer a humorous take on mental health, from personal memoirs to fictional stories. “Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, …

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10 Funny Books About Motherhood

A mother and a little girl sitting back to back next to books and magazines

Motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding journey, but let’s be honest, it can also be a chaotic and humorous experience. Luckily, there are some amazing books out there that capture the hilarity of motherhood in all its messy glory. In …

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