7 Funny Books That Make Great Secret Santa Gifts

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‘Tis the season for Secret Santa, and what better way to bring some laughter and cheer to your gift exchange than with a hilarious book? Whether it’s for a coworker, friend, or family member, a funny book can be the perfect surprise that leaves them roaring with laughter and joy. In this article, we have curated a list of the funniest books to give as Secret Santa gifts. So, get ready to discover a selection of uproarious reads that will make your Secret Santa gift the highlight of the festivities!

“Mr. Messy” by Roger Hargreaves

Ideal for that coworker who always leaves the kitchen or their desk in a mess, this funny children’s book by Roger Hargreaves features the lovable and clumsy character Mr. Messy. Through charming illustrations and amusing antics, it playfully highlights the challenges of staying organized and tidy, providing a gentle reminder for your messy colleague to keep things in order.

“Microwave Cooking for One” by Marie Smith

Tailored for that perpetually single person, this tongue-in-cheek cookbook offers easy and humorous recipes specifically designed for cooking solo in a microwave. With entertaining meal ideas and witty commentary, it embraces the quirks and convenience of cooking for oneself while providing a dash of culinary inspiration.

“A Book for a C*nt” by Adam Stevenson

This irreverent and cheeky book is a perfect choice for that person who is known to be an ass. With a dose of dark humor and unabashed honesty, it offers a satirical take on various topics and serves as a playful gift that will surely make them raise an eyebrow or two.

“Games You Can Play with Your Pussy; and Lots of Other Stuff Cat Owners Should Know” by Ira Alterman

Designed for that female coworker who loves her cat, this tongue-in-cheek guidebook provides humorous insights and activities centered around feline companionship. From funny anecdotes to quirky cat-related games, it celebrates the joys and idiosyncrasies of being a cat owner while bringing a smile to your colleague’s face.

“A Practical Guide to Racism” by C. H. Dalton

A satirical book by C. H. Dalton, this humorous guide takes a witty and sarcastic approach to explore the absurdities and contradictions surrounding racial stereotypes. Ideal for that colleague who often says inappropriate things, this book sheds light on the importance of cultural sensitivity through humor and clever satire.

“The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck” by Sarah Knight

Perfect for that colleague who’s maybe just a little bit too upright! With a humorous and irreverent approach, this book offers valuable advice on decluttering your mental space, setting boundaries, and prioritizing what truly matters, all while making readers laugh out loud.

“Anybody Can Be Cool– But Awesome Takes Practice” by Lorraine Peterson

For that colleague who always tries too hard to impress, this light-hearted self-help book by Lorraine Peterson offers amusing anecdotes, motivational tips, and witty wisdom to help them embrace their authentic selves. It serves as a gentle reminder that true awesomeness comes from being genuine rather than striving for external validation.

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