4 Funny Books About Masturbation

While masturbation is still a taboo subject in many circles, there are plenty of authors who have tackled the topic with humor and candor. From fiction to non-fiction, here are some of the top funny books about masturbation.

KAMA SUTRA FOR ONE: A Handy Self Help Guide

Featured in the Huffington Post, KAMA SUTRA FOR ONE, A HANDY SELF HELP GUIDE, is a humorous look at “self love” and a parody of the venerable Kama Sutra. The book is sparse and mainly consists of stickman drawings, but makes a funny gift for that person you know who just loves to stay at home and take care of business.

Give Yourself a Hand: A Humorous Guide to Masturbation for Men & Teens

Available on Kindle and print, this humorous book is meant to be practical but funny at the same time. It’s aimed at teenage boys, or parents of teenage boys that want to explain the joys of self love to them without ever having to have that talk.

“The Big Bang: A Guide to the New Sexual Universe” by Dr. Richard Newton

This non-fiction book takes a humorous yet informative look at the changing attitudes toward sex and masturbation in the 21st century. Newton’s candid approach and witty writing style make this a must-read for anyone interested in exploring the new sexual frontier.

“The Happy Endings Book Club” by Jane Tara

In this fiction novel, a group of women form a book club dedicated to reading and discussing erotic literature. As they explore their own sexuality and desires, the women also learn to appreciate the power of masturbation and self-love. Tara’s humorous and heartwarming approach to the topic makes this a fun and empowering read.

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