Round Ireland with a Fridge

Written by: Tony Hawks

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When English comedian Tony Hawks drunkenly accepts a bet to hitchhike around the circumference of Ireland with a refrigerator in tow, he has no idea of the unforgettable adventures that lie ahead. Accompanied by his trusty appliance, Hawks traverses the Emerald Isle from Dublin to Donegal, Sligo to Galway, Cork to Wicklow, meeting an eccentric cast of characters along the way.

As Tony and his fridge encounter a genuine prince, a self-proclaimed king, and a horde of curious onlookers, they unwittingly become a magnet for the Irish people’s infectious humor and resilient spirit. Through their unusual journey, the intrepid duo surf together, partake in a bachelor festival, and even have an unexpected brush with romance.

Round Ireland with a Fridge is a hilarious and heartwarming travelogue that showcases the magic of the Irish landscape and the wit and warmth of its people. With situational comedy reminiscent of Bill Bryson and the observational humor of Dave Barry, Hawks delivers an irresistible tale of an extraordinary adventure in one of the world’s most captivating locales. Perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed of taking a spontaneous detour from everyday life, Round Ireland with a Fridge is a joyous celebration of the unpredictable nature of travel and the serendipitous encounters that make the journey worthwhile.


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