Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls

Written by: David Sedaris

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Ah, “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” – a title that makes about as much sense as using a fish as a lockpick, and yet, in the hands of David Sedaris, it’s pure literary gold!

Picture this: A man walks into a bar car… No, this isn’t the start of a joke, it’s the beginning of a Sedaris adventure. And boy, what an adventure it is! From colonoscopies that are surprisingly pleasant (move over, spa days) to contemplating the purchase of a murdered Pygmy’s skeleton (because why settle for a boring old vase as a conversation piece?), Sedaris takes us on a journey that’s part fever dream, part stand-up comedy, and entirely hilarious.

But wait, there’s more! Ever wondered what your dad wore to dinner? If you’re Sedaris, apparently it’s shirtsleeves and underpants. It’s like a fashion show, if the fashion show was held in your living room and the only model was your slightly unhinged father.

Yet, amidst the laughter and the absurdity, Sedaris pulls off a magic trick worthy of Houdini. He turns each essay into a love story. It’s like finding out that the whoopee cushion you just sat on is actually filled with warm fuzzies and life affirming messages. Who knew that contemplating the purchase of a skeleton could lead to profound insights about family, relationships, and self-love?

“Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” is a rollercoaster ride through the mind of a man who sees the world not just through rose-colored glasses, but through a kaleidoscope attached to a funhouse mirror. It’s a book that’ll make you laugh until you cry, think until your brain hurts, and possibly reconsider your stance on owls and diabetes.

So, grab a copy, find a comfy chair (preferably not in a bar car), and prepare to embark on a journey that’s as unpredictable as it is hilarious. Just remember: in Sedaris’s world, love can be found in the strangest places – even in the midst of a surprisingly pleasant colonoscopy. Happy reading, and may your life be as wonderfully weird as a Sedaris essay!


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