How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids

Written by: Jancee Dunn


Attention all new moms and dads: if you’re wondering how your once-loving relationship turned into a battleground of dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and seething resentment, then “How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids” is the book you need in your life!

Jancee Dunn, the newly appointed “expert” at nappy changing, found herself in a familiar predicament after welcoming her little bundle of joy. Suddenly, the household chores were unfairly divided, her husband developed a suspicious passion for lengthy bike rides, and she couldn’t look at him playing with his iPhone without feeling a rage hotter than a thousand suns. Sound familiar?

Determined to save her marriage from the clutches of post-baby chaos, Dunn embarks on a hilarious and enlightening journey. She consults relationship experts, sex therapists, wise friends, and even an FBI hostage negotiator (because let’s face it, a sleep-deprived parent can be scarier than a hardened criminal). Along the way, she discovers that the key to surviving parenthood might just be remembering that her husband is actually her ally, not her enemy.

Packed with funny anecdotes, honest confessions, and genuinely helpful advice, this book won’t do your laundry or change a diaper, but it might just be the thing that saves your marriage. So, grab a copy, hide in the bathroom for a few precious minutes of peace, and get ready to laugh, nod, and maybe even shed a tear as Jancee Dunn helps you navigate the wild, wonderful world of parenting without losing your mind (or your spouse) in the process.


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