Hokkaido Highway Blues: Hitchhiking Japan

Written by: Will Ferguson


“Hokkaido Highway Blues” is a captivating travelogue that follows Canadian author Will Ferguson on an unprecedented journey through Japan. Inspired by the annual Cherry Blossom Front (Sakura Zensen), Ferguson embarks on an ambitious 1,800-mile hitchhiking adventure from the southernmost tip of Japan to the northernmost island of Hokkaido.

As Ferguson rides alongside a diverse cast of characters, he gains a unique perspective on the country, witnessing a side of Japan that guidebooks often overlook. Through his witty and insightful observations, he delves into the heart of this intriguing and contradictory nation, where the arrival of the cherry blossoms is not only a symbol of spring but also a catalyst for a period of intense celebration and reflection on life’s fleeting nature.

With a perfect blend of humor and cultural insight, Ferguson’s journey sheds light on the fascinating traditions and quirks of Japanese society. He discovers that the true essence of travel lies not in the destination, but in the unexpected encounters and revelations along the way.

“Hokkaido Highway Blues” is a groundbreaking travelogue that not only entertains but also enlightens readers about the rich complexities of Japanese culture. Ferguson’s warm-hearted and satirical narrative style makes for a laughter-filled and thought-provoking read. Join him on this extraordinary adventure as he becomes the first person in recorded history to follow the Cherry Blossom Front from one end of Japan to the other, and experience the joy of the journey itself.


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