Written by: David Sedaris

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Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up for “Happy-Go-Lucky” – David Sedaris’s latest literary rollercoaster ride through the funhouse of modern life, where the only thing more unpredictable than the plot twists is Sedaris’s ability to find humor in the most unexpected places!

Picture this: It’s the before times. Menus are made of paper, masks are for Halloween, and David Sedaris is out there living his best life – you know, normal stuff like learning to shoot guns with his sister (because nothing says family bonding like potential accidental shootings), visiting muddy flea markets in Serbia (as one does), and feeding gummy worms to ants (a culinary experience they’ll never forget). It’s all fun and games until a pesky little pandemic crashes the party.

Suddenly, our intrepid humorist finds himself in lockdown, unable to tour and read for audiences. But does he despair? No! He adapts like a comedy chameleon. He walks for miles through ghost-town cities, smelling only his own breath (a pandemic silver lining?). He vacuums his apartment twice a day (because why stop at one when you’ve got nothing but time?), and ponders the economic strategies of sex workers and acupuncturists during quarantine. You know, the questions we were all asking.

But wait, there’s more! As the world slowly emerges from its COVID cocoon, so does a changed Sedaris. He offers to fix a stranger’s teeth (because who needs dental school when you’ve got moxie?), gets his own chompers straightened, and struts into the world with new confidence. It’s like a midlife crisis, but with better dental work.

Newly orphaned, Sedaris contemplates what it means to no longer be someone’s son in his seventh decade. It’s a poignant moment… right before he dives back into the absurdity of a post-pandemic America, where storefronts are empty, Help Wanted signs are the new national flag, and graffiti tells the conflicting story of our times: “Eat the Rich. Trump 2024. Black Lives Matter.” It’s like a vision of America as seen through a kaleidoscope dropped in a blender.

“Happy-Go-Lucky” is Sedaris doing what he does best – holding up a funhouse mirror to society and somehow making us laugh at our own distorted reflection. It’s a book that’ll make you chuckle, think, and maybe even inspire you to feed some gummy worms to ants. Just remember: in Sedaris’s world, even the most mundane day can turn into an adventure worthy of a New Yorker article.

So, grab a copy, find a comfy chair (preferably one you’ve vacuumed twice today), and prepare to laugh your way through these “interesting times.” After all, if we must live through historic upheavals, who better to chronicle them than the incomparable David Sedaris? Just be prepared for some strange looks when you burst out laughing in public – pandemic etiquette is still a work in progress!


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