Fish in the Dark: A Play

Written by: Larry David

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“Fish in the Dark” is a comedic play penned by the legendary Larry David, best known for his work on the iconic TV show “Seinfeld” and the hit HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Premiering on Broadway in 2015 at the Cort Theatre, the play delves into the complexities of family dynamics, especially when faced with the passing of a loved one.

The narrative revolves around fifteen characters as they grapple with a death in the family. Set primarily in a hospital waiting room, the family patriarch, Sidney Drexel, is on his deathbed. As family members gather to pay their last respects, tensions rise, and disputes emerge. Central to the story are brothers Norman and Arthur Drexel, who, along with their respective partners, Brenda and Michelle, find themselves embroiled in disagreements ranging from who will care for their mother to the inheritance of their father’s prized Rolex watch.

Larry David’s signature humor shines throughout the play, with each character bringing their own quirks and comedic elements to the stage. The play’s title, “Fish in the Dark,” while not explicitly explained, hints at the murky waters of family relationships and the challenges that arise when navigating the dark and often uncharted territories of grief and inheritance.

The Broadway production of “Fish in the Dark” was met with significant anticipation, given Larry David’s reputation in the world of comedy. The play even set records with its impressive $13.5 million in advance sales, showcasing the immense appeal of David’s brand of humor. Notably, Larry David himself took on the role of Norman Drexel during its initial run, adding an extra layer of authenticity and drawing fans eager to see him perform live.


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